Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hi Everyone! Sorry there hasn't been much posting for the last couple weeks...i think the last one was right before the HNL regionals. *sigh* I've been SUPER busy with trying to clean up around the house and putting things aside for my garage sale coming up. I'll be selling a bunch of scrapbooking supplies, rubber/clear stamps, some SU products (retired), storages, and other stuff laying around the house for the dust to sleep on! HAHA!

Besides all the junk around the house, it was my hubby's birthday on March 3rd...and we've been busy trying to gather things for camp this weekend...hopefully the weather will be nice to us...and that the rain will go away! :( But i'm sure we'll still manage to have lots of fun! We always do!

I haven't found the time to edit my pictures to post too! AHHHHHH! so much to do...i feel like it'll never end! Hopefully after this weekend, i'll be back to doing a little more blogging and creating.

Thanks for looking around my blog though! I appreciate it! :) Take care and have a safe upcoming weekend!